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Professional Investigations | DRP Security Services LLC

DRP Security Services LLC is the reliable and trusted name in the security service and professional investigations business in Milwaukee, WI. Our...

Personal Security Services | DRP Security Services LLC

Based in Milwaukee, WI, DRP Security Services LLC is a well-known, well-rounded security service provider with a wide range of proven and tested...

Security Consulting | DRP Security Services LLC

DRP Security Services LLC will make sure that you enjoy the ultimate safety and protection in Milwaukee, WI. We have certified and highly trained...

DRP Security Services LLC is the premier provider of security consulting with guaranteed efficiency.

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Reliable and Affordable

DRP Security Services LLC in Milwaukee, WI is the leading authority in the security business, offering professional investigations, security consulting, and personal security services. With more than two decades of experience, our company is a staple name in the field of private investigation and personal protection.

With a team of professional and licensed personnel, we take pride in our years of hard work and dependable service to our valued clientele, from individuals to huge corporations. Our staff members have continually received training and updates to cater to our ever-changing society.

We have experienced and trained special task forces and equipped them with knowledge, certification, and skills to cater to all types of security needs from personal to special events.

We offer:
•Insurance fraud investigations - Protecting you from fraudulent claims.
•Loss Prevention - Retail security, presents different issues for the security professional, from premises liability to workplace violence, and shoplifting.
•Armed Guards - Providing a strong deterrent to criminal activity at your residence or place of business.

Special Event Security:
DRP Security has the resources to assemble the proper personnel to meet any event need. With our years of experience in this field, we have a contingent of quality special event staff and supervisors on call to provide a timely response to any situation. Events include:

• Concerts
• Festivals
• Community Functions
• Sporting Events
• Corporate Meetings
• Social Gatherings
• Political speeches and debates

Crowd Control Security:
DRP Security can provide plans and coordination of controlled arrival and departure of audiences, their proper seating, and their comfort during events; coordinate traffic control and parking operations; provide adequate and appropriate staffing for events; arrange for and coordinate visitors and their needs; maintain statistical data reflecting sales trends, per capita consumption, etc. to management of concessions; coordinate concession activities and supply with outside vendors and agencies and in-house food service operations; and other duties requested of security detail.

Infidelity, workman’s comp., unemployment...Whether it is cheating spouses, insurance fraud, workers compensation claims, bodily injury, medical malpractice or employee theft, there is no better way to document the true facts than irrefutable video and photographic evidence.

Guaranteed with professionalism and highly approved customer service, our business continues to thrive in an ever-growing and increasingly complicated world where security is a must.

DRP Security Services LLC strives to stay true to our commitment to be a blessing to others. Call our hotline number today for inquiries and details.