Personal Security Services

DRP Security Services LLC delivers top personal security services and professional investigations.
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Personal Security Services

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Based in Milwaukee, WI, DRP Security Services LLC is a well-known, well-rounded security service provider with a wide range of proven and tested portfolio. Our personal security services ensure your round-the-clock safety. We have our professional task force and upgraded, innovative technology for personal protection and security no matter what your needs may be.

Here are our different personal security services guaranteed with confidentiality and efficiency:

• Online Dating Safety—In a highly virtual world, online dating is a reality but so are the risks and dangers that come with this type of setting. There are various ways you can ensure online dating safety, such as verifying the identity of the person you are about to meet. Know your meeting place, time, and most importantly, hire our services to ensure your security at all times.

• Personal Protection—One of the most delicate personal security services we offer is personal protection from people whom you think pose danger to you or your loved ones. We have personal security officers and experts who are also discreet and careful in providing safety and protective measures for our valued clientele.

• Versatile Security Service—Our certified and well-trained team of security personnel and specialists provide a wide range of service. We have security officers, mobile field supervisors, security consultants, entry and exit screening specialists, officers with computer skills and undercover operatives.

• Special Event Security—Whether it is for a corporate or private event, you can rely on our expert security officers trained for special events. From personal to small and large scale business events, we have the security protection and solutions you need.

DRP Security Services, LLC will specifically match an individual officer’s skill, knowledge, and experience to your requirements:

• Security Officers
​ • Mobile Field Supervisors
​ • Investigators
​ • Plain Clothes Officers
​ • Concierge Officers
​ • Undercover Operatives
​ • Security Consultants
​ • Patrol Service
​ • Fire Watch
​ • Access Control
​ • Loss Prevention
• Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
​ • Entry and Exit Screening
​ • Access Control
​ • Monitor surveillance
​ • Roving Patrols
​ • Specialized skills available
​ • Exceptional quarterly training and on-the-job training
​ • 24/7 Supervision
​ • Management on duty 24 hours daily
​ • Officers with computer skills

​ Get in touch with our personal security services today. Consult with DRP Security Services LLC for all your safety concerns and requests.